Gruta das Torres

    Gruta das Torres is a geological formation of volcanic origin, located in the parish of Criação Velha, in the county of Madalena. It was originated some 500 or 1500 years ago.

It was classified as a Regional Natural Monument March 18, 2004, by the Government of the Azores. Gruta das Torres is the largest lavic tube known in Portugal. It had its origin with the lava of a volcanic eruption that started in a place known as Cabeço Bravo. Gruta das Torres was only discovered in 1990.


The main tunnel of the cave is over 4480 meters and reaches heights of about 15 meters. There are many tunnels, whose dimensions are smaller, and geological structures are very different and distinct from each other.

In this cave you can findinside various structures, such as stalactites, stalagmites, side platforms and lava balls.


In 2000, the accessibility to the inside was improved,  and a centre of visitation was built.

The main entrance is through ‘Algar da Ponte’ there is an interesting transition from trees of the area to other less advanced forms of plant life, such as ferns, mosses and lichens, which are on the floor and walls of the openings.

After entering the dark it is only possible to find mold, bacteria, typical of these places.